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GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

When migrating from the GoDaddy Office Premium plans over to Microsoft 365, the following items will be migrated:

  • Company Email Accounts
  • Microsoft OneDrive Contents
  • All SharePoint Sites
  • Microsoft Exchange Public Folders

Yes, is it recommended that any files stored locally on your computer, outside of the OneDrive folders, be moved/copied into the OneDrive folders. Moving the files will ensure inclusion in the migration. The reason to include them in the migration is to ensure that these files get backed up daily. The backup is helpful in cases when you might have a system failure.

Also, keeping items in OneDrive allows you to have access to these files when you are away from your computer.

Outside of managing your files, there is nothing else to do to prepare.

During the migration cutover, it is advisable to avoid using any Microsoft products that are linked to your company account. You will still be allowed to access your emails and other system services.

There will be a few items that you will need to work on once the migration is complete.

  • Set your password in the new system
  • Adjust your Outlook settings to point to the new email server
  • Update the Microsoft Office licenses on your desktop applications

An email will be sent out with the details concerning the above items.

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